Election IR Update Breakfast

May 8, 2019

RSRT – Safe Rates – Australian Industry Group

The federal election is going to kick off soon. It is likely there will be a change of government. With a change of government will come a new policy agenda for the transport industry including a re-focus on the RSRT.

As a consequence, Road Freight NSW in conjunction with our partner, Ai Group are providing a briefing on the newly revised safe rates debates for our members.

Come along and hear Brent Ferguson (Special Counsel for Ai Group) and David Bray (NSW Manager and solicitor) discuss where the likely legislative actions will take us post election.

  • What to expect?
  • How quickly will safe rates arise post election?
  • And what will the cost and benefits be to your business?

As well as briefing covering current workplace relations issues and developments that will impact upon you in the Road Transport sector, including:

  • The ALP’s workplace relations reform agenda and its likely impact in the sector
  • Recent major legislative developments
  • Significant changes to modern awards flowing from recent Fair Work Commission proceedings
  • Key enterprise bargaining outcomes and developments
  • Update on TWU claims relating to the General Carriers Contract Determination

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